On Thursday morning the program of the EMESCC includes an excursion to various destinations in Erlangen or the area. The participants are split into smaller groups and visit different companies, plants, institutes or a museum.

If you are a participant and want to take part in the excursions, please fill out the form under this link.  We will assign you dependent on the available spaces. First come, first served.

Possible destinations are Allod, Hydrogenious, a sewage plant, some institutes of the FAU, MAN, Sykatec or the Siemens Med-Museum.


The core business of the company is developing, producing and distributing thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). They are a supplier for various industries, the automotive industry, household appliances, electrical and electronic applications amongst others.


This university spin-off is a company of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs and focuses on the commercialization of the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers technology.

Sewage Plant

Sewage plant of the City of Nuremberg: It is a mechanical-biological-chemical wastewater treatment plant, where you’ll get a tour including a visitation of two research projects.

Inside the FAU

Behind-the-scenes-tour at the institute of process machines and plants with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Schlücker (Head of Institute)

Presentation and laboratory tour at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering with Ph.D. Monica Distaso (Postdoctoral Research)

Visit at the Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering with M.Sc. Philipp Rothgängel (Doctoral Researcher)


You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into the production, where gas and diesel engines for the Marine and Power branches are manufactured. Plus you’ll get to see the assembly of the V-engine and the production of their crankcases.


Sykatec is a company based in Erlangen specialized in sheet metal work, welding, machining, surface technologies and more.

Siemens Med-Museum

The Museum is about people and inventions and their histories in the field of medical technology. Company founders, inventors, researchers, doctors, nurses, engineers – everyone of them has a story to tell.